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Yogjakarta, London, New York and China in 2011

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An update for the New Year - I'm leaving today for Yogjakarta.

I have been invited to participate in Fiberface 3 an international exhibition at Taman Budaya, Yogjakarta - with a 6 week residency , workshops and seminars. Fiberface 3  is centered around the theme of transformations and intends to focus and define postmodern fiber art paradigms and show case it in an integral cultural context.

The official web site is .  

Exhibition opens 11 Feb 2011.

Stay tuned for Invitation and Catalogue 

Separate to Fiberface 3 but defiantly intertwined is an exciting project, with the  working title of Generic Metropolis.

This will explore themes of metropolis and urban environment and a personal interpretation of a microcosm that mimics a wider environmental and social condition. The starting point for Generic Metropolis will be a large bank of digital images taken whilst in residence in the four countries . They will then be stitched together in Photoshop, printed and experimented with. The time to reflect in residence and the influence of diverse environment and culture will give these works  time to evolve and develop. When finished I intend to exhibit these works in as many destinations/venues as possible. Wish me luck!!!

London - May

Here I am staying with my beautiful cousin Sebastian, a graphic designer who predominately create educational websites along with the odd app for iphones. I also intend to catch up with another serene being, my impoverished (his words  albeit via seb) but incredibly talented musical cousin Cameron who no doubt will show me a dark and smoky side of London undoubtable with a great soundtrack!

I'm also intending to visit the Slade School of Art in London where my grandmother studied art in the late 1930s. Its exciting to think about granny at art school.

New York - August

I'm really excited that Ive been accepted into Point B Worklodge - a residency  at  Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY  -  "The mission of PointB is to enhance and enable the mobile lifestyles of creative professionals by providing flexible, ready-to-use work and living spaces and developing a global network for interdisciplinary, cross-cultural exchange."


Beijing- TBA

And  yippee. . .  I also was accepted to participate in this great  opportunity today!

24HR Art – International Studio Residency Program was launched in 2011 with the establishment of a large studio at Huantei Art City, Chaoyang District, Beijing. Through a new partnership between 24HR Art and Asialink the program is open to all Australian contemporary visual artists, however there will be a focus on giving international professional development opportunities to artists from regional and remote areas.


Thanks to all the sponsors and supporters that have made this happen for me, 2010 Qantas Foundation Encouragment of Contemporary Art Award, 2010 Togart Contemporary Art Award - Peoples Choice Award, Australia Council ArtStart grant & Arts NT, Quick response grant.


THE PEOPLES CHOICE Togart Contemporary Art Award 2010

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Darwin artist Anna Reynolds is the winner of the People’s Choice Award for the Togart Contemporary Art Award 2010. Anna Reynolds has been awarded a cash prize of $5,000 for, Awesome Atrocity 4. As Anna says, the work is a ‘cheeky play on words, on development, on nature, on land, on ocean and the grey sticky mud that dried in the cracks between my toes and my $3 thongs’. With a Bachelor Degree Honours in Fine Arts, Anna has held a number of solo shows and been exhibited in a group shows throughout Australia . She has work held in the Charles Darwin University Art Collection, Darwin and private collections in Australia and overseas. The Togart Contemporary Art Award is now in its 4th year. 34 artists were shortlisted as finalists. Chips Mackinolty won the major Award announced on 2 September 2010. The Togart Contemporary Art Award celebrates the diversity that makes up Northern Territory art – from Indigenous to non-Indigenous artwork; it showcases the best contemporary art from across a range of art practices from artists with a connection to the Northern Territory . The Togart Contemporary Art Award is an initiative of the Toga Group. Visionary in concept and development, the Award engages with the artistic community in recognising and supporting the work of Territory contemporary artists. Anna Reynolds is available for interview. 

Mentioned in Parliment!

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Got an email today from our local MLA office with a Hansard transcribe!

This is a little bit funny in my world, but here we are for all those you read this stuff!

Lingalonga Festival Committee Email List C/- Marilyn Reeves Dear Marilyn and the Lingalonga Festival Committee During the 2010 August Sittings, I mentioned the Lingalonga Festival and many individuals in my Adjournment speech. A copy of the transcript of my adjournment follows:- Debates - Eleventh Assembly, First Session - 10/08/2010 - Parliamentary Record No: 14 This is an uncorrected proof of the daily report. It is made available under the condition that it is recognised as such. Topic: ADJOURNMENT Subject: Adjournment debate Date: 10/08/2010 Member: Mr KNIGHT Other Speakers: Status: Daly Mr KNIGHT (Daly): Madam Deputy Speaker, I am very honoured tonight to place on the record my congratulations to a constituent of mine, Anna Reynolds from Batchelor. Anna was named the 2010 Northern Territory winner of the Qantas Foundation Encouragement of Australian Contemporary Art Award, and received her award along with other state and territory finalists at the Art Gallery of NSW last month. Anna has also received a Bronze Award in the Epsom International Photographic Pano Awards for 2010 - a fantastic achievement. I was very pleased to be able to attend a function held in Anna’s honour where the host organisation was the wonderful Batchelor Butterfly Farm and Tropical Retreat, obviously, in Batchelor. The exhibition, Mangroves in the Butterfly Farm was launched to start off the Lingalonga Festival and officially opened the inaugural arts exhibition. Anna’s incredible eye for photography and, as part of the design team with Judy McGinn, saw the Bods of Batchelor Calendar 2010 launched late last year also at the Butterfly Farm, which was to raise money through sales for the annual Lingalonga Festival. I congratulate Anna for receiving those awards but also about kicking off this annual art exhibition as a bit of an opener for the Lingalonga Festival. Thanks to the people who run the premises there. It was just a great evening. This brings me to the Lingalonga Festival, where approximately 1200 people attended what was a fantastic family-friendly festival. There were many local stalls, Indigenous art, music, the Great Green Ideas exhibition of pottery from Gillian Hunter, lots of free activities, live entertainment from Mal Devine, Mo Blues, June Mills, Donny McGuiness, and the Taminmin College Choir. Tania Ham came down, yet again, with her great girls and Shimmy All Over Belly Dancers. The belly dancers have taken over the rural area and they came down to give another performance. It was a hive of activity and a day of buzzing excitement all around, as a theme for this year was A Bug Day Out. So, they had face painting and a whole range of activities. The grand parade was a very colourful parade led by a giant caterpillar made from 44 gallon drums, and the big bug dance was performed beautifully by all the Coomalie kids. They were all dressed up from doing activities, building bug outfits, and doing face painting during the day. Another highlight of the day was the Rum Jungle 100 m Dash, with $1000 first prize in each category, kindly donated by D & M Enterprises. Dave, from D & M Enterprises, also contributed $2000 towards the second and third prizes in these categories. Dave is the partner of Marilyn, who organised the event. It was great for Dave to put on those runs. It certainly was very well contested. A lot of young blokes who never would get up in public saw the $1000 as a bit of an opportunity to get a bit of cash. A great effort by all the runners, with the very lucky first place cash prize going to Carolyn Nyhouse in the 17- to 29-year old women; Kamarra Hiko of the 30-plus women; in the 17- to 20-year old men, Brian Fisher, and Dean Peachey took out the 30-plus category. It was a great event. Everyone turned their attention to it when it came on. The kids were also winners and prizes were sponsored by Jimmy’s Gifts and they were given out to all race participants. There were many dedicated hours of meetings, preparing and finalising the events to make this such a successful day and although the weather, for some unknown reason, decided to try and rain on their parade and unfortunately washed out the evening events at the festival, I would like to congratulate the committee and all the hard work they did. Prior to the main event, the festival committee in conjunction with the Coomalie Community Government Council Holiday program held a week long series of workshops at Batchelor Area School. Approximately 60 school-age kids from Batchelor and Adelaide River attended to create the 80 to 90 canvasses that were on show at the festival. This was a job well done by the festival director that being Marilyn Reeves and I would like to acknowledge some of the committee members. Jan Thompson is a stalwart of the Batchelor community, Rachel Chambers, Sue Donnelly, Anna Reynolds, as I have mentioned earlier, Lauren Mills, Hilary Brett and John Hughes, who is the CEO of the Coomalie Shire Council and certainly had his slow cooking meals going most of the day, Danielle Hamilton, Dave Grey, Therese Balanzategui and Kristy Williams, Bob Lloyd from the mine was there. It was great to see those guys there and Narelle Verzeleti and also Victoria Edmonds, and, of course, there were many others behind the scenes who really did put in this. It is really a community that does come together and they create a lot of joy and entertainment for everybody just with their volunteer hours that they put in. In closing, Madam Deputy Speaker, I would like to also acknowledge some of the generous sponsors of that evening. The festivals and community events like Lingalonga cannot go ahead without these sponsors. I acknowledge them: Future Visions Art, HAR, D&M Enterprises, Rum Jungle Tavern, Batchelor Institute, the Coomalie Shire Council and also there was some $20 000 in funding provided to the festival from the Northern Territory government so I would like to thank the minister. It certainly went to great use down there and I do look forward to the Lingalonga festival next year. This year had the biggest crowd I have ever seen since inception so I am sure that off the back of this year they will go on to greater things. Unfortunately, Marilyn will not be there next year. She is travelling, but I am sure there will be a lot of people who were there this year who will take up that effort. So congratulations to everyone. It was a great day and certainly a great day for the community. I am very proud that I can share stories and achievements of constituents in my electorate for inclusion in the Parliamentary Record. Looking forward to the 2011 Lingalonga Festival. Kind regards ROB KNIGHT Member for Daly 1 September 2010

Winner of the Qantas Foundation Encouragement of Australian Contemporary Art Award

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I went to the Art Gallery of New South Wales last night to receive my Award!

I am the 2010 Northern Territory winner of the Qantas Foundation Encouragement of Australian Contemporary Art Award, and here I am receiving it from the Museum of Contemporary Art director Elizabeth Ann Macgregor  and Qantas CEO, Alan Joyce. 

The 2010 winners from each state and the other territory are in this picture and starting in the back row is Simon Pericich from VIctoria, Lucy Bleach from Tasmania, Roy Ananda from South Australia, David Thomson from Western Australia, Kerrie-Anne got into here some how but she didnt win zip, Elizabeth Ann Macgregor from the Museum of Contemporary Art ( shes one of the judges), Anna Madeleine from the Australian Capital Territory, Me, Newell Harry from New South Wales and Kathy Keele from the Australia Council. - Jemima Wyman the winner from Queensland, couldnt make it for the night.

Justin Moon came with me, big giggle, nice food, lots of funny people wearing lots of black in the big city, heaps of fun!

Thanks Qantas! Thanks Steve Eland for nominating me! Thanks Judges! Thanks every body who makes this happen. I am overwhelmed!

the epson international photographic Pano Awards

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Just received a bronze in recognition of excellence from the pano awards, for Awesome Atrocity 2, also got some feedback for Awesome Atrocity 3, which was funny 

Judges Feedback

As part of the judging process our judges have offered some suggestions on potential ways of improving your image.


Exposure - The exposure seems to be incorrect for your subject - it is either too dark or too light in areas that are important to the composition. Consider improving the image either at the time of capture with a more appropriate exposure, or in post-production with a program like Photoshop.


Too Busy - There are so many things happening in this photo that it is hard for the judge to work out what you really want him or her to look at. Most strong photographs have a simple message or a single subject - take another look at your photo and see if you can make it stronger by making it less busy.


Subject Matter - Some subjects work better in competitions than other subjects. Generally speaking, for a competition entry you need to excite the judges, not just with your seeing and your technique, but with the subject matter. It may be that the judge wasn't overly excited on this occasion.


Technical Quality - Technical quality in a competition is expected by the judges. When viewing your entry, they may have seen some issues in terms of colour, contrast, brightness or even unwanted spots or marks that have let your entry down. Presentation of your work and correct post-production is so important for a successful competition entry.


Lighting - Often the difference between a good photo and a great one is the light. This is a big subject and covers many issues, but the judge is indicating that better use of light may improve this image. Is the subject over lit? Is the light too contrasty or too flat for your subject? Is the light helping or hindering the subject.


Framing - Just as important as what you include in a photograph is what you leave out. Your subject may be great, but there could be other elements in the photograph that are distracting and unnecessary, or it could be that your subject is too closely cropped. It is especially important in a panorama to consider if the field of view is it too wide, or too narrow for the subject?


Composition - Composition is a big subject and very personal. The judge believes this image could be improved with stronger composition, which can be as simple as where your subject is placed within the frame, to more complex interactions of various elements within the composition. Have a look at your image again and see how a different camera angle, framing or subject arrangement could make the image stronger.


Thank you pano mob !

NT NEWS 13-11-2009

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This is an article by Daniel Bourchier, published in the NT NEWS yesterday, Im starting my new resolution by  posting  it. I've decided to get  over my fear of blog commitment and get into it. I'm always inspired by Hazel Dooneys daily efforts of writing it all down and putting it out there. I guess the spelling, grammar and all the ho ha of writing has been stopping me, but as my good friend Vicki Nangala Tippet said to me one crazy moon lit night , not so long ago,   'your an artist you can do what you want when it comes to writing'. So I intend to do just that. 

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India & I -selected images from the exhibition

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