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Godinymayin Yijard Rivers Arts & Culture Centre (GYRACC) is a stunning new centre with landmark contemporary architecture built to service the people of the Katherine Region in the Northern Territory, Australia.

My work Old Stella Maris was included in the exhibition Botanica that showcased work by a selection of emerging and established artists from Darwin, Alice Springs and the Katherine region. The exhibition presented the work of artists whose imagery focuses on plant forms...

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Dreaming Hazel Dooney - The Exhibition

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Here is a collection of realated links and pictures surrounding  the process and exhibiton Dreaming Hazel Dooney

-a joint project between Steph Sheilds and Hazel Dooney held at Latrobe Contemporary Art Galley

Article - Breaking Down the Barriers

Latrobe Valley Express

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Looking for the answers and the questions - I'm comfortable in Alter Modern

Vast Expanses - Shrinking Spaces

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From Batchelor NT to New Jersey NYC

Watch my artist talk live via Skype on

Australian time 8.30 AM Thursday 8th September 2011

NYC time 7PM 7th September 2011

Vast Expanses- Shrinking Spaces

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Litchfield Butterfly Retreat presents Generic Metropolis

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Litchfield Butterfly Retreat


5 PM Saturday

13th August 2011

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Away 2011,  giclee print on photorag,  1mt x1mt,  edition of 10

away from my tree and shack

from the beach and the mangrove

far from the wilderness and sanctuary

I swear to you

I will never make any boring art


When we bought our home in Batchelor it was the tree, a large Ficus Benjamina that sealed the proverbial deal. Gracefully shadin...

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Dreaming Hazel Dooney

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Got an exciting email yesterday in Indonesia,

after computor trouble for the last few days- mac book in the shop  argghhhh!

It was nice to log on and receive news of a gig in  Australian - and Australia wide I might add,

( not that I dont love you Darwin)

does this mean a quick trip to vicco? I wonder....

I submitted this image for preselection for the exhibition  

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FIBERFACE3 Yogjakarta, Indonesia

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batik,digital print,cardboard media installation,

dimensions variable, Anna Reynolds, Australia

Like the burning smell of hot wax I have been overwhelmed by the rich fabric traditions and culture that I have experienced while in residency at Brahma Tirta Sari Studio, Yogjakarta. The time honoured processes, techniques and production have been intriguing and inspiring. The contemporary world...

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